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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quicktip: Routers

When looking for a router you need to keep 2 things in mind: You are looking for something that is "N" compatible, and you should probably spend more than $60. Otherwise you're getting something outdated and it will likely break within a month. Routers DO go bad!

I recommend: Apple Airport Extreme, Apple Time Capsule (for those that want NAS!), and Cisco Valet routers. Yes, they are pricey...but you'll definitely get something thats worth the money.

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Happy Wednesday. Remember, I take questions!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Steve Jobs bashes Android, New poll

Hello all! I'm back! Miss me?

Well in my time away I had a chance to listen to the earnings call from Steve Jobs recently. The guy just completely bashed Android as a platform by saying it was too hard to develop for due to fragmentation. The funny thing is, as soon as he said this, several app developers tweeted in recourse...like one from TweetDeck (the app I recommended a few days ago), saying that they had only 2 people working on TweetDeck for Android...so obviously it wasn't that hard. What do you guys think about what he said?

Also...any weigh-in on how Steve thinks that a 7" tablet is simply out of the question? Remember he also said netbooks and tablets were ridiculous about 2 years ago. But there is an 11" Macbook Air coming and of course the iPad...seriously, Steve?

Also, a new poll is soon to be posted if it isn't already up when you read this!

Lets hear some comments about this.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I apologize for the temporary down-time

I will be back soon with more tips and How-to's for you techies and DIY'ers out there. Stay tuned!